Kristin Key

Kristin Key
Well, I’m back; back from Virginia and back from my hiatus of me time. What am I thinking? Every moment is a “me” moment. I’ve been thinking about my friends who have kids and about my parents when I was a kid. I already feel like there is no time in my day for a single additional thing to be added. I like having all of my time for what I want to do and occasionally for what J wants to do and generally for what I HAVE to do.
If I had a child, all of that would be gone. Forever.
No, thanks!
Last night we went to a local comedy club and watched two people perform for our group and about 10-15 other people. Kristin Key was the headliner and boy is she funny! I really think that her thoughts on public restrooms are right on! See my Twitter for evidence of that! She now lives in Long Beach, California – close to my friends and family and close to where I used to live. After the show I was trying to have a conversation with her because she stood all alone for 4 or 5 minutes. I walked up and we started talking and laughing and she hugged me like a BFF. THEN, this game killer guy walks up and interrupts and takes over my conversation with her, edging me out totally (Yes, I’m the jealous type)! This kid told the first comedian that he had been laid by three different people in his life.
As I told our table of friends, there is not way on earth that this guy has ever had sex with another person, let alone three!

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