King What?

King What?

Last week I wrapped up my little history lesson regarding my life. One thing I didn’t tell you about was my opportunity to experience someone else’s history. Really it was the history of a few people with the focus on a hugely famous manboy. I had the opportunity to join a few other Indianapolis bloggers at the Children’s Museum for the King Tut exhibit.

I love the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis so I was really excited to see what kind of fun we would be having with King Tut! As we drove to the museum, King Tut was everywhere! All over town all of the billboards are talking about King Tut. When I tweeted and Facebooked that I was visiting King Tut, a lot of people had a comment and recommendation for the best way to view the exhibit, including that the audio tour was a MUST!
The Tut exhibit was something that appealed to me because the Real Housewives of Atlanta did it and heck, if they do something you KNOW I have to do it!
I was surprised by the exhibit because it wasn’t in the Children’s Museum fashion that I’ve come to know; it wasn’t hugely colorful (but there was gold – tons of gold!) and the interactive component didn’t really rise above the use of the audio tour remote. Jay and I enjoyed ourselves and shared an audio tour. We gagged over the jewels and the amazing artifacts that had been collected from the tomb of Tut. We were also really amazed at the whole idea of taking all of these things into the afterlife with you. Yeah, this was my favorite lesson back in Ms. Kellogg’s 6th grade class but it was an interesting reminder and way more in depth. PLUS, I was staring at the REAL THING!
We had a great time and totally recommend King Tut to anyone near Indianapolis. The exhibit will be here until the end of October so you have a bit less than a month to check it out. Also, you might get some Halloween costume ideas! For more info, check here.
Don’t forget to stop into the Gift Shop (can’t really avoid walking through it) and check out some of the jewelry. You can make your very own on a computer! Also, there is a necklace there (bad photo) that is  $10,000+ . The shopkeeper was excited to tell us about it. I don’t know how many he’s sold but it comes with a pretty box so I’m sure it’s sooooooo worth it!

I was also really excited to get to the museum to check out this new dino! A family that has done a lot for the NonProfit I work for, donated this big guy and I’ve wanted to see it in person. I must also mention that I’m on to PastaQueen who IS following me. She followed me to Blogher, she folled me to Subway and now she followed me to the museum. It could be that we run in the same circles, if Subway has a circle but I’d rather think I’ve made it in the blogging world big time and have a stalker! Also at the museum was a blogger that is new to me but I’m sure you all know her. Quatro Momma of 4Tunate was there with her hubby. It was cool to hear some of her story and read the rest on her blog!

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