I think that the moment you get engaged people think you are ready to pop out kids. Maybe it’s because they did or maybe it’s because somehow that has become the next logical life step. I don’t think you can assume that this is someone’s next step anymore! Not all of us are climbing the same flight of stairs!

My flight of stairs so far has looked like this: finish high school, travel/volunteer abroad, work, go to college-college athlete, move (more than) half way across the country for a full time job, get married/buy a house, go back to school and finish, work.  The next step that I see on the staircase says TRAVEL (while working).

It’s only one trip but not one that you can really do if you are pregnant or have a baby. In 3 months we are hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back up. It’s expected to be a strenuous trip and has even been called a once in a life time opportunity. I think it’s considered that because either you die doing it or finish it saying, “I’ll never do that again”!

This post was about kids wasn’t it? The next step doesn’t necessarily say “Kid(s)” but it does say “Happiness”. What does that mean? I’m glad you asked! It may involve children but for sure it involves making sure I’m happy at my job and that Jay and I are surviving financially. So far, those are the only two steps that are in view on my staircase.

It’s not necessarily that I picked this staircase knowing what each step was but it most certainly is very different from any of my friends’ staircases

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