Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part One : Dinner with Friends

Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part One : Dinner with Friends

Last night I had dinner with one of my close high school friends, his wife and his one year old daughter. We went to California Pizza Kitchen (which I have never been to) which is located in this giant shopping center that is home of two of my former places of employment. When I was 18 I worked as a hostess and eventually a server at Red Robin and when I was 16 I worked at one of my favorite jobs, the movie theatre!

I loved working at the movie theatre because I got to see free movies and bring friends along with me all the time. After a short while, someone started stealing from the theatre so they nixed the free movies. Somehow minimum wage wasn’t really worth the job without the movie perk. I began to loathe it.
During Christmas break my whole family drove cross country to Viriginia to see my grandparents. I couldn’t go otherwise I would lose my job. I was 16 years old, a junior in high school! Isn’t that a terrible choice to have to make at that age? My parents were awesome and paid for very expensive tickets that would put me in Virginia for Christmas day and get me back in time to not lose my job.
When I returned home to work I was abused because I had taken two days off of work. I was forced to do disgusting things that someone handling popcorn shouldn’t have to do; clean vomit up in the bathroom, scrub toilets, etc. From there I went back to handling food. Of course I washed my hands but what about all of the vomit fragment on my clothes!?!? Several of the other concession workers and I started planning a revolt. Remember, we had lost all of our perks and were being grossly mistreated during a HOLIDAY time. Oh, and we’re only in HIGH SCHOOL!
We all had this plan that we would walk out as soon as the big rush started. Generally there was a time each day that about three or four movies would start and so the concession area was a zoo. We all talked and planned. It wasn’t MY idea but I was totally willing to do it. Remember, I had vomit and crap fragments all over my clothes and body.
Scott, my boss, walked up to me, leaned on the concession stand and said, “Katy, come talk to me” and walked away towards the elevator. I walked around the stand and over to the elevator. He pushed a button, it opened and he said to me, “Step in to my office”. We got into the elevator, the doors closed behind us and he sighed. “I hear you are going to quit Katy” he said.
“Scott, you’ve been really awful to me just because I spent time with my family. We made HUGE sacrifices to get me back here and then you abuse me.”
“Well, I’m going to need your apron and your name tag.” He stated. (Wait no! I want my apron! Why! Noooooooooooooo! Not! Gross. Here’s your crap fragmented apron. I hope you lick it.)
“Scott, I’m willing to finish the day…”
So was the first and only time I was fired. Although, was I fired? No, I quit.
Anyway, dinner. It was yummy and the friends were wonderful! Their baby is adorable! She looks EXACTLY like her daddy. It’s so strange to me that my high school friends are parents. As of this summer, I have been married for EXACTLY half of the time that we have been out of high school. To the day.
I don’t have kids. When I see my old friends I still see them as they were when we were 18 so it’s so foreign to me.

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