Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part Two : 300+ Miles

Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part Two : 300+ Miles

Yesterday I woke up, chatted with my little sister in England, sent her photos of my rugby sweater and my dad with a bird nose on, got in the car and drove over 300 miles and collapsed into bed just before 1am.

I hate driving so you KNOW I didn’t drive 300 miles just for the sake of driving 300 miles! Within those 300 miles, a lot of magic happened.
The first little stand out spots on my trip were San Onofre and San Clemente State Beaches. I didn’t stop there but I did take note and spent almost the entire trip reliving the weeks I spent there the last few summers that I lived in California, including the last two summers of my high school career. It was in these two places that I fell in love for the first time and the second time. Real love. Well, love as I knew it back then. It was also here that my heart was broken one summer as I said goodbye to one of my loves. That’s a whole other Oprah so perhaps another time?
For lunch I met up with my friend Sarah and her husband. We went to a little Greek place called Spinners. It was delicious. Their secret ingredient is cinnamon for sure! We spent the afternoon cruising around San Diego and checking out her awesome apartment. Sarah and her husband moved to San Diego to start a new Lutheran church.
On my return drive to Orange County I stopped in to Camp Pendleton Marine Base to visit one of the kids that was in my program at the Not For Profit I worked at in the OC. His name is now preceded with “Lance Corporal” and I’m really proud of him. I think that the last time i saw him he was 13 years old and now he’s 21. Next year he is marrying another one of the kids from my program. I’m so happy for both of them!
Before I got back on the 405 to battle rush hour traffic, I stopped at a 7-11 and picked myself up a Slurpee. I had so many choices!
Rather than select my original mix of 2/3 cherry flavor and 1/3 cola (but put the cola in slowly so that it doesn’t shoot down to the bottom and poison the cherry flavor), I elected to get my new favorite (discovered on last weeks Chicago trip): 4/5 full of BANANA flavored Slurpee with 1/5 cherry on top (again, careful to not allow mixing). In this particular 7-11 there was an excellent buffet of choices!
While waiting for my best friend Sean to get off of work, I stopped by the old Not for Profit and said hi to two of my friends from there. They were so surprised to see me. That was a nice visit. Afterwards, I made my way over to the childhood home of my best friend and chatted with her dad for a while. 
Finally, Sean was done with work and I had an awesome dinner with Sean and his mother at the Huntington Beach Beer Company. I’m pretty sure we were at the restaurant more than four hours. We shut the place down and left around midnight. I finally crashed into bed around 1am.
What a beautiful 300 mile day.

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