Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part Four: To the Beach

Katy’s Kalifornia Tour – Part Four: To the Beach

Yesterday was the final day of my explorations. Today I start my all day conference schedule in Los Angeles. Of course I’ll share with you any sites I see or things I do but really, this is it.

After my dad’s birthday dinner I popped an Ambien to see if it might help me get a complete night of sleep. Sleep, I really need it. After the summer I’ve had, I’d really just like to go somewhere far away, all by myself and sleep for 3 days straight. I woke early again after 7 hours of sleep, I didn’t feel any more or less refreshed but I felt confident that I had slept as much as I needed since I was awake despite being drugged.
My best friend from High School came over and we drove down to the beach for a quick afternoon of (window) shopping, lunch and toe dipping in the ocean. We found a great FREE spot to park on the street and began to walk down one side of the street, stopping into almost every shop, even the scary looking ones with names like, “The Electric Chair”.
Along the way we saw a bike shop with this baby in the window. Yes, that is bright orange. Once you were in fourth grade, my school allowed you to ride your bike to school and park it at the bike parking lot (haven’t seen anything like that at the schools in Indianapolis). One summer my dad and I sanded down an old Schwinn bike that I have no idea where it came from. We took all of the old paint off and primered it then we painted it … DAYGLOW orange. It was much brighter than this bike but this bike brought back those memories.
I loved that bike so much! Orange has never been my favorite color but DAYGLOW adds a whole new dimension to color. If you asked me my favorite color, I would say DAYGLOW. This encompassed all bright colors in that family; orange, yellow, green, pink. It’s been interesting to see these colors make such a huge comeback this summer. However, I haven’t heard the word, “Dayglow” in a while.
After the DAYGLOW bike sighting, we continued down the street and at the same time declared we wanted to eat at this Mexican food restaurant that we happened upon. We sat on the back patio with the sun beating down on our shoulders through a canvas triangle shade. We drank water and our yummy salsa and HUGE burritos and tacos. Our adventure took us down to the beach where we watched surfers eat it and stuck our feet into the chilly water that lapped at our ankles.
And yes, we ended the day with a Slurpee: Banana with a small shot of blue raspberry for me and blue raspberry and cherry for Malia.
Other things that happened on day three: I got to see Malia’s new condo before she has even moved into it, I had a FAST dinner with another high school friend at one of my favorite places, Jalapenos (yes, Mexican for lunch AND dinner) and I had an interesting night with my mom and dad.


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