Kat’s Fall 2007 TV Line-up

Kat’s Fall 2007 TV Line-up

Desperate Housewives

Grey’s Anatomy

The Office

Brothers & Sisters

Friday Night Lights

Big Shots (Trying it out)

The Hills (Reminds me of home – Not really)

Gossip Girl (Eh, I just can’t resist)

Dirty Sexy Money (Reminds me of a darker Arrested Development from an outsiders point of view)

Pageant Place (Haven’t seen it yet but it’s on MTV, so I’m sure I will)

Pushing Daisys (The jury is still out on this one)

The Girls Next Door (Returns on Thanksgiving weekend!)

Weeds (We no longer splurge on Showtime so I have to watch it at friends houses)

Hotel Babylon (LOVE that BBC America[r])

I know, I know. You HAVE to be wondering how I have time for all of this TV watching! We got a knock-off TiVo! I watch it while folding laundry AND I get to fast forward commercials! This buys me extra HOURS for TV watching. Also, I can watch most ABC series on the computer while I am at w- – -. ;)

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