It’s a Dog’s Life for Us

It’s a Dog’s Life for Us

¬†There are two more things that I’d like to add to the list of “Great Things about Living in the Suburbs”.

One great thing is that people have BIG dogs. Yes, there are lots of little dogs too, but usually pretentious mansion dwelling types or grandmas have those. Because of the all American “yard” that can be found in the ‘burbs, people aren’t afraid to have big dogs. I don’t even mean those giant horse-like creatures called St. Bernard’s; I’m talking about Golden Retrievers and Labradors.

We love our Golden Retriever. I mean we really, really love her. She takes up our whole bed and steals the covers. She eats cough drops forgotten on the nightstand and miscellaneous odds and ends. She never barks and always chases the squirrels from our yard. Best of all, as friendly and cuddly as she looks people are intimidated by her (for about a second).

There are very few small, yippy dogs in my neighborhood and I love it! Besides the noise that small dogs make, I hate the poop factor. When people have a small, cat sized dog, they don’t feel the need to pick up after it when it craps in someone else’s yard. The must figure that no one will notice, but they aren’t there when I walk outside barefoot to get the mail. When people have a BIG dog, they know that it will not go unnoticed if they leave said movement on your front lawn so they pick it up.

A second great thing that I thought of this morning is that people in the ‘burbs include dogs as part of your family. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve been invited to a party or gathering and the hosts have invited our “baby” as well. Not only are four legged family members welcome at several restaurants during warmer weather, but my favorite bagel place (yes we have bagels in the ‘burbs) and the bank offer dog bagels and biscuits at the drive-thru when you have a pet in your car. The bank offering treats to Puppy is a good idea because she always hungrily eyes the lollipops that are given to children in other cars.

Some stores here even leave dog bowls full of fresh water outside of their shops for passing pups to guzzle down. Have I mentioned dog parks yet? A huge fenced in yard with trees and beautiful grass, ramps and tunnels, places to jump. We love those dog parks! My boss at my old job also let us bring our dogs in to work, and not just on bring your “dog-ter” to work day.

I seriously doubt that our sixty pound “puppy” would be welcome in the city.

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