It’s Gross But I Did It For Science

It’s Gross But I Did It For Science

After a lull, the Gender Prediction Experiment continues. This morning I jumped up and decided I could hold it (sorry for the gross out) long enough to measure out 2 tablespoons of Drano into a pickle jar (Pickles? Pregnancy? More on that later.)

The Drano test comes with many, many cautionary tales and warning labels. All of which say, DON’T DO THIS! Even my aunt has a story that ends with singed lady parts. I safely completed that test as directed by and the results were:
According to the site: If the mixture darkens to a brownish color within the first 10 seconds – It is a boy.
If there is no darkening or color change after 10 – 15 seconds – It is a girl.
A friend wrote to me, “Drano is for unplugging your sink not gender testing. Don’t you read the label?” to which I responded. “Maybe the original intent was for gender prediction and then when people dumped it into the sink they were like, “WOW! It unclogs my sink too!” That sounds pretty acurate, doesn’t it?If the Scientific Drano test is accurate, Baby Raspberry is a GIRL!

Score Card 

Boy – 1            Girl – 2           

Past Gender Tests we’ve completed: The Heart Rate Test, The Ancient Chinese Gender Chart 

The site also warns that there are many different interpretations of the many different color possibilities but I am committed to using the information from one site for each of my tests. If they don’t have the information about a particular test THEN I will use additional sites.

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