In Between

In Between

My husband purchased a little box in a baby making factory. That is, he bought us a beautiful home in a neighborhood where all of the houses are one of 6 different models and three different colors. Our house has a blue door and we love it.

The first house we looked at was wonderful! It was a one story, four bedroom, two and half bathroom home with an amazing floor plan. To my delight, it would have worked well for entertaining many people at once. When I looked out the back door, there was a railroad track about 20 feet away from the back door. No thanks. The next house was the exact same layout, but when I looked outside the backdoor of this one, there were some people sitting in their dining room eating dinner. If were eating dinner at that moment, we could have shared dessert or at least shouted, “Please pass the salt!” I noted that they were eating pulled pork sandwiches with macaroni and cheese before I waved at them and turned around to shake my head at the realtor.

Finally, we found it. A two story house on a cul-de-sac that was five feet apart from our neighbors houses on each side and had a nature preserve behind it, otherwise known as woods, but I like to call it a forest. All of my friends make fun of me for calling it a forest but it is! Are there a lot of trees? Yes. Are there a lot of plants? Yes. Are there a lot of animals? Yes! Does it provide oxygen? Yes! It’s a forest gosh darn it! Let a city girl at least pretend that she lives in the country or somewhere in between. That is exactly where I live, somewhere in between downtown and homegrown, the suburbs. Welcome to my retort to life somewhere in between the flawlessness of the Brady Bunch and the sex-capades of those New York City girls.

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