I’m Trying to be Thankful, Darn it!

I’m Trying to be Thankful, Darn it!

Thanksgiving is less than two days away and I am so shocked. Sometimes I look around and wonder, “Where has time gone?” Where has the year gone? Where has my life gone? I feel like I’ve gotten too old too quick. My goals are nowhere near reached and time is running out. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Does anyone else ever feel this way even before they are REALLY, REALLY old? I know that people who are much older than me say, “You are so young, you have so much time.” But the thing is, do I really? Even if I do, what am I doing everyday to get closer to my goals and dreams?

¬†On Thursday, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with my husband’s parents. I am very Thankful for them. We will also celebrate with Jacob’s best friend, Special Friend. We are also very thankful for the special people in our life; those who started as friends and then became family. We will be missing my parents, my sister, Jay’s sister and all of our other family members, for them we are also very thankful.

We will also deeply miss those family members we have lost but we will be thankful for the time that we had with them. Thanksgiving might be rough this year, what do you think? Yesterday, Neighbor said that she hates Thanksgiving. It’s just about the food.

Is it really just about the food? I don’t think so but is that what it’s become?

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