I’m Seeing Green and Sadly It’s Not Money

I’m Seeing Green and Sadly It’s Not Money

┬áLast night my husband Jay and I had a great time with about 10 or so of our friends. Oh yeah, and probably a few thousand others. Just like last year, we went to a German bar in the city called the Rathskellar. We drank beer and cider (don’t worry kids, only one each), ate pretzels with hot mustard (sooo much horseradish that my sinuses are punishing me this morning) and then danced and hung out for about 5 hours before moving the party to Denny’s. While we were at the Rathskellar, we enjoyed a musical performance by a group called POLKABOY. If you ever have the opportunity to see them, you must!

Recently, the city drained the canals for the purpose of cleaning. It was the first time in 20 years, “City officials say crews have used vacuums to remove 367 semi trailer loads of sludge and waste from the canal since cleanup work began in November” and it cost nearly half a million dollars!

Yesterday, Jay and I went to the canal for our annual photo opportunity. They had refilled the canals and as usual, the water was dyed green for the holiday. Almost every year I have visited Chicago within weeks of the 17th and their river is still green. We are really happy that the same tradition takes place here in our home town. Hope you enjoy the photos of the newly “renovated” canals. Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting to Chicago this month, but who needs to with the new Ikea opening in Ohio!?

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