I’ll Be Fine Tomorrow

I’ll Be Fine Tomorrow
I’m surprised my computer even remembers how to get to my blog!
As of three Fridays ago the pregnancy is going well. Actually, I can’t really confirm or deny that because my doctor never told me how he thought the ultrasound looked that he had me go to the hospital to get. The voicemail for his nurse says that if I have an appointment scheduled that I shouldn’t leave a message asking about test results, that the doctor will go over them in my next appointment. I can say that the baby was still there and it’s heart was beating. I can also tell you that I am still vomiting sporadically. Doesn’t sporadic sound great with vomit? Right up there with projectile! All of these things are true!
My husband Jay wanted me to blog about my whole pregnancy. Believe me, you all are so glad that I haven’t been. Sadly it would be mostly complaining and fear. No one needs that. Also I would tell you that I feel bullied. It’s like the second you tell people you are pregnant you get pummeled with advice and stories. I’ve been so thankful for most people who share their experiences and their stories with me because it helps me feel not so alone. The hard ones are people who criticize everything you do, every choice you make. From how to bathe to what medicines you should and shouldn’t take. I will remind those people that I am under the care of a doctor. Absent as he may feel at times, I am under his care.
These people may do things differently and may or may not have a healthy child to show for it but I’m not you, I don’t make all of the same decisions as you and my pregnancy is not the same as yours, even if you do have one or two things similar to me, they aren’t the same. The absolute worst is when they use others to TEAM up on me, especially others who don’t even have kids! It’s just not right. I’m going to take the advice of a doctor who has seen my baby AND my vajayjay over the advice of someone who has one or two kids. No offence but med school trumps your personal experience and opinion.
Has anyone else ever felt this way about any sort of medical condition?

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