Ice, Ice Baby

Ice, Ice Baby

 I remember growing up in Southern California that if the weather was anything other than sunny or overcast, it merited a grand viewing. We used to roll up the garage door and watch the yard flood or climb the ladder to the second floor loft above the garage and watch the hail (once every few years). It may be for that behavior during my upbringing that I am still the first one to make an event out of any sort of weather.

Yesterday, after a much anticipated disappointment (school was not canceled due to snow – we still had to come at the normal time), I arrived at work and then the freezing rain came. In California, freezing rain might be called snow or I would personally refer to it as tiny knives flying through the air. Lucky me, the “freezing rain” blanketed my car and made an icy cover that even Satan himself would have a hard time maneuvering.

Sometimes I slam the car door really hard just to make the ice crack. Weird, I know.



I mean really, I didn’t want to get into my car after a long, endless day at work anyway.







I am confident that if I had been outside, I would look a lot like this grass. I wish I hadn’t taken this photo with Hell in the background…


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