I am WOMAN and I am HUMAN!

I am WOMAN and I am HUMAN!

┬áIs anyone out there respected at their place of employment? I feel like I am a nice person and I try to abide by all of the rules and I appreciate it when other people follow those same rules. However, I am treated so poorly that it drives me crazy! At what point is someone treated so badly and with such disrespect that they decide that people may be right and that they do not deserve the same respect that they extend to others? I’m not saying that I am there quite yet otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. But really, some people are spirit killers.

Between my three jobs I am walked on by coworkers who are in a power struggle (you are retiring, get over it, next year you won’t own anyone!) and clients/customers who think that they are better than you because they have pigeon holed you into a group that you know you don’t belong.

Sorry, I woke up with a stomach ache and then I was involved in a situation where someone who is not my supervisor continues to try to achieve control over a place that she shouldn’t have control just to try to put me in what she believes to be “my place”. For my anger and frustration, I apologize. I feel like this respect thing is a theme in my life lately. In my next place of employment, I beg for respect and the opportunity to be treated like a HUMAN!

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