I am an addict

I am an addict
I am an addict. A Coke addict to be exact. A Coca-Cola addict to be exactly exact. Three weeks ago tomorrow I took yet another plunge into Coca-Cola rehab. Four days later I embarked on a 9 ½ hour road trip each way all by myself AND my destination was my grandparent’s house where I am always spoiled with among other things, Coca-Cola. I am very proud to say that I resisted and survived.
It hasn’t been easy, what with the mope attitude, all around exhaustion, crazy nightmares, manic shudders and shakes and anger. Yes, withdrawals have been bad to me. It wasn’t until three days ago that I think I finally escaped most of the symptoms of withdrawal. I thought I was totally over it until I absolutely HAD to be in bed last night at 8pm.
I gave myself Easter. If by Easter I am still off the Coke, I can cross this off of my list of 101 Things.

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