HyperColor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HyperColor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the 5th grade I had a friend named Trevor who had these awesome shirts that I’ve always wanted since I first saw them. He wasn’t the only kid who had them, there were others. They were kind of a fad. I never got one (see why I’m so tortured?).

They were called Hypercolor. He had at least two of them; a blue one and a pink one. Yes, there was another time in fashion history where it was okay for boys to wear pink. It’s been over 13 years since then and I still want a hypercolor shirt. At the beach last month my best college friend had one that she bought at Kohl’s. I was reminded of how much my life has been lacking these 13 years since I don’t have one.
I found one on the American Apparel website a few months ago but the $28 price tag was a bit much for a fashion of the past. Yesterday, Malia and I passed an American Apparel store (that wasn’t there when I grew up here) and so I proclaimed that IF they had one in stock, I would be taking it home with me.
The girl at the front desk directed me upstairs. When I arrived at a display that appeared to be THE ONE, a sales girl was blocking me from what I thought was probably my treasure. “Are those the hypercolor tshirts?” I asked.
She looked at them and said in a snooty voice, “You mean, the monochromatic shirts? Yes.”
“No, I mean Hypercolor. They’ll always be Hypercolor to me”.
I grabbed one and tried it on for Malia right there over my shirt. If you don’t have any idea what Hypercolor shirts are, let me fill you in. Hyper color shirts are made with a special dye that changes colors with heat; if you breath into the shirt, if your underarm area is warm (who’s isn’t?), if you get really warm. Malia said they look like tie dye when they are activated.
She’s wrong. Katy Shumar DOESN’T wear TIEDYE!
There was onely one time in my life that I wore TIE DYE. There was this dance called groovy lovin’. My friends and I went, we tie dyed our own shirts and I wore one. Yuck. I don’t wear tie dye but I’ll wear Hypercolor!

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