How To Keep A Friend After She Turns Into A Mommy

How To Keep A Friend After She Turns Into A Mommy

I don’t have young children. I don’t have children at all but my friends do. I think I’m a pretty good friend; I go to the mall and sit in the play area for hours just to get to talk to my friends, I tolerate crying, screaming children in my company as we shop for clothes, groceries, etc. I still invite my friends to my get togethers and include their children too. I try to have a little activity for the kids; cupcake decorating, Lego ornament assembly, etc.

There are two things I have in my home that I recommend.
1.       A small closet with games and toys that are appropriate for several ages
2.       A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
Both of these things have saved my friendships with several friends and allowed me to continue to spend time with my girlfriends even when they give in to the dark side (just kidding). A television helps too.

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