How Many Dwarfs Can You Name?

How Many Dwarfs Can You Name?

 How many dwarfs can you name?

When I was a kid that was a huge question. Like it was some sort of challenge that proved something important. I could name like three. My husband Jay agreed that he could probably only name the same three. Well, that all changed last night when we had a date night in watching the new Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition Blu-ray & DVD combo pack.
I can tell you that we totally watched this movie in a different way as adults than we did as kids (well, I’ve never seen the whole movie but Jay has). We backed up the movie a few times to watch some seriously funny things that might have gone over our heads as kids. In the beginning of the movie I asked Jay who the dwarfs worked for. He thought they worked for themselves. When the clock hit five and they went home, I pointed out that there was no way that they would live and work by the clock if they worked for themselves. He agreed. So, he asked Cha Cha, “Who do the 7 Dwarfs work for?” After about 10 minutes, Cha Cha interrupted our movie and told us that the Dwarfs worked in a mine. Thanks.
During the movie, I pointed out that it was kinda creepy that some lady would just come into the house and start cleaning up after people that she didn’t know anything about. Jay said, “Yeah, but the animals told her it was okay”.
I can’t wait for the day that he thinks it’s okay that I do things because the animals told me it was okay.
The movie was really cute but we all know that! What you might not know about this re-release is that it comes with both a DVD AND A BLUE RAY DISK which is perfect in case you don’t quite have a Blue Ray player and are still operating on 90’s technology (ahem). Also, a Blue Ray player WILL play DVD’s so it’s not like you’re going to lose your whole DVD collection. The DVD does come with some extra special features, including a sneak preview of the new Disney movie Tiana where you can experience the amazingness behind hand drawn animation but the Blue Ray bonus disk has even more amazing features including games and karaoke. Yeah, your kids will probably be more interested in this kind of karaoke than you will be and that’s okay because Blue Ray disks are way more scratch resistant that DVDs.
Make sure you add this set to your movie collection! I’ve heard there are some discount coupons floating around out there through Disney Movie Rewards. Check out the trailer here so you can see the improved video quality and hear the improved sound.
Oh yeah. I got the DVD/Blue Ray Pack for free. For more info about my honesty and other blah, blahs about writing reviews, check out my disclaimer!


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