Hospitalization & Pregnancy Upate

Hospitalization & Pregnancy Upate

In case we’re not friends “in real life” or at least on Facebook, let me tell you what has happeened. On Monday I was admitted into the hiospital again due to high blood pressure. I have pre-eclampsia so they are monitoring my blood pressure and my baby. Baby LuLu is fine, I’m just falling apart.

Here are the ever important questions that my Facebook friends have asked:

1. How long are they keeping you?

2. Do they have good room service?

and of course 3. Do they have free wifi?


I have pre-eclampsia so they have to monitor my blood pressure. I’m staying all week and he said he might let me go home for the weekend.
The room service is good EXCEPT for I’m on a low sodium diet AND I’m not doing so well with meat so my meals are something like this: French toast with peanut butter, broccoli, rice pilaf, chilled pears, chocolate milk and 7up. Tonight I had pancakes instead of french toast. Now I’m pretty much over it. I WANT REAL FOOD! LASAGNA, CHIPS AND SALSA, ENCHILADAS!

OF COURSE THEY HAVE wifi! I based my hospital selection on how technologically advanced and friendly they are! However, we are working on getting them to unblock, and so that I can stream tv and movies.

I’ll let you know more as my week progresses. Oh, and I’ll be taking your questions 24/7. What else do I have to do with my time? :)

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