Hoochie Nails, Coke, Remodeling & Job Interviews

Hoochie Nails, Coke, Remodeling & Job Interviews

 I know, I know, you’ve missed me. Well, some of you have. The rest of you I’ve probably seen at least once this week.
On Wednesday night I had a phone interview with a company that I’ve had my eye on ever since I started looking for a job. In fact, I had my eye on them back in 2002 when I was looking for a job. This coming Tuesday, I will have my first in person interview. I am so excited! Keep praying for me, please!
In other news, the kitchen floor is done! Halleluiah!! The living room floor is about ½ finished and the living room is ¼ painted. Hopefully all of the above will be complete this weekend because I’m going to go get some fake nails and I don’t want any nasty paint scars on them for my interview! Yes friends, I know. Tyra calls them hoochie nails on America’s Next Top Model AND every time I take them off, I swear I will NEVER get them again. Sometimes a girl lies, even to herself.

On the topic of being true to one’s self, I have not had a soda yet. It’s been 4 weeks today. Can I officially say, 1 month? I think so! Easter is just around the corner. I’m not that excited about Easter as it relates to my Coke (Coca-a-Cola) addiction because despite lent being over, I cannot drink it anymore. The hardest part is working at a high school; the kids seem to just carry it around all day, as if flaunting it. The worst moment was last night when I was watching dishes. My brain said, “You should be drinking a Coke right now”. I really fought the urge. Today was rough too; someone was carrying a can of Coke down the hall and as it came towards me, I had to use my left hand to hold down my Coke drinking hand. It kept trying to reach out and take the Coke right off of her lips. Seriously, Coke in a can! A CAN! I LOVE COKE IN A CAN!!

Oh, I don’t know the people in the photo above. I found it on google and thought they looked like they were mocking my addiction. Gesh. Insensitive.

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