Home Gardening Center

Home Gardening Center

I know it was snowing outside today but I can’t help but get really, really excited about the promise of spring and GARDENS!

A few years ago we bought this cabinet from a family member who was moving. For the past two years I’ve been trying to sell it to recoup our money and buy a china hutch that will work for our living space and needs. Sadly the most I’ve been offered for it is about 1/6th of what we paid for it. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

After our less than wonderful yard sale on Saturday I gave up. I decided to make this cabinet and hutch work for me and act as something beautiful. I’ve been wishing for a bench or a space to plant all of my seedlings and to allow them to germinate. Viola!

This week I applied a clear coat finish to the raw wood. This made it very, very shiny and WATERPROOF! It will stay in our garage and store all of my gardening stuff and be a workspace for planting this spring! I’m so excited!

Is anyone else getting ready to start their gardens? What are you doing to prepare?

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