That is where I am right now.
I had to travel about 2500 miles to get here but I made it.
I’m sitting on my parents couch, waiting for my mom to get home from work (so I can borrow her car) and doing dirty laundry.
Yes, I packed two whole suitcases of dirty laundry last night and brought them with me from Indiana to California. I never lived in a dorm or an apartment. I’ve never brought loads and loads of laundry home when I’ve visited on the weekends. Now that I’m almost 30, I thought I better try it. In the case of most people who do that, their mom washes it for them but in my case…I’m still doing my own laundry, just like back home. Same laundry, different scene.
Even so, I’m happier to do my laundry here and not just because my mom and dad pay the water and electric bill AND I’m using their detergent (costs I never considered until I moved out). Just the mere idea that I’m in California doing my laundry means that I am home!
Other things that I never realized were so expensive: toilet paper, paper towels and house cleaning supplies. We always had them so I never thought about it. Thanks Mom and Dad.


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