Holy High School Reunion, Batman!

Holy High School Reunion, Batman!

I had a really hard time getting up and out of bed today. And Friday. My body is ridiculous like that. When I have nowhere to be and I wish it would let me sleep, I’m awake at the butt crack of dawn. When I need to be awake and ready to go, my body revolts and says, “You’re not the boss of me” and takes control of my hands and my arms, making them press the snooze button once, twice, thrice and so on until it’s impossible to have time to take a shower and look halfway decent.

It was pretty important that I look halfway decent today. Tonight was my class reunion. It’s been 10 years since I’ve seen any of these people. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’ve NEVER seen some of these people so it’s been longer for some. I’ll pretty much be heading straight there after my convention tonight. There are some pretty helpful sessions being held late in the day that I really want to/need to go to so I have to be ready to pull on a dress and get to the reunion.
I really didn’t picture my 10 year high school reunion going down this way. My friends and I went to EVERY dance and event that our school ever held. We had a HUGE group of friends and we had such a great time. Generally our group of friends would rent out a bowling alley or an ice skating rink afterwards just to keep things going all night and keep things safe. Yes, then we went to a hotel and slept. Seriously. Most of us SLEPT.
My visions of my 10 year reunion included a bunch of us renting a limo or a trolley car and rocking the whole night away and enjoying our built in ride home. Instead, my mom is dropping me off and picking me up. None of my super close friends are going. Luckily I found a few companions that I can stand next to at the punch bowl and wish the night was over with.
Why are you even going, Katy? BECAUSE VISIONS OF REUNIONS WERE THE ONLY THING THAT GOT ME THROUGH THOSE FOUR YEARS! And the highway robbery of the $60 it will cost me to go to the reunion is still probably cheaper than all of the therapy I desperately need due to the scars high school has left on me…and I’m not talking acne scars.
I’m not bitter. There’s no one I can be bitter towards. Okay, there are a few witches with a B that really impacted the way I felt about myself back then and even hurt the way I might feel now. Sadly, I know for a fact that they didn’t get fat and ugly and move into their parent’s basement. They are still pretty enough and in great shape and live a wonderful life (thanks for that Facebook). At least I won’t be disappointed when I realize that the myths behind after high school life AREN’T TRUE!
Next week, when I get home, I’m so renting some awesome movies that still ascribe to those myths.

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