Holiday Traditions

Holiday Traditions

┬áSo, Christmas is almost upon us and as of Sunday, we officially began decorating our life and our home with the colorful bling and flashing lights that the season merits. Last night we put our tree “UP”. There are a few family traditions that I’ve brought over to the Midwest aboard the Ford Explorer that I sailed in on;

1. Pajamas and early presents. My parents gave us a new pair of pajamas each year for Christmas. I normally fall asleep in a sweatshirt and PJ pants so I didn’t keep this tradition (maybe if I ever have kids), but I did keep the part that comes along with it. We get to open ONE present the night before Christmas.
2. Church. I attend Christmas Eve service at church. Unless I am out of town. Then I don’t follow that tradition.
3. Live animals as decorations. And I don’t mean a manger scene. I’ll tell you more if you email me.
4. A kick butt Christmas party. Yes, we have one and you should be jealous if you are not invited because EVERYONE is invited. Friends even bring friends. Some years, my parents would have a party and only knew about 25% of the people who attended. Most people come because they want to see the best tree in the world.

5. The most awesome tree in the world, second only to my parent’s tree. Even before Regis and Kelly introduced the world to the upside down Christmas tree, my family did it. Although, ours is way cooler; it is on the ceiling. Yep, presents and all, the decorating of our home begins at the top and works its way down.

6. My husband’s family has a tradition of visiting Santa the night before Christmas. They have always done it and they have a picture each year to prove it. When we became engaged, I got to join in. We still do it. Every year. No kids, just us and J’s little 20 year old sister.

What are your holiday traditions?

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