Happy Birthday Dad – If you read my blog, you’d hate this title but I think I’m pretty safe.

Happy Birthday Dad – If you read my blog, you’d hate this title but I think I’m pretty safe.
So this photo pretty much sums up my family and my dad’s ideal birthday.
We went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, Souplantation (of course my dad would want to eat someone for HIS birthday that is MY favorite) and then we ate at one of my dad’s favorite places, Coco’s.
In honor of my dad’s birthday, I lounged around the house, swam in the hot tub (yes, I do call wrestling with a floatie raft swimming) and went through a box of stuff from my childhood.
We had a wildly exciting dinner with my mom, my dad and my great aunt all in attendance. Of course my dad refused to open up his birthday cards at the table lest the server find out it’s his birthday and punctuate the evening with overly excited, overly phony birthday singing. On the way home we drove down a street a few blocks from our home and came upon the above treasure.
I wonder what the story is behind this painting? Scorned lover was my only guess, however it seemed to be placed at the trash cans with care, facing the street, begging a passerby to stop and fetch it to take home and hang in their living room. I’m not saying that my family will hang this in their living room but it will have a place of honor somewhere. Guests will probably look at it and say, “I bet that’s one of their daughters”.
Yeah, it looks nothing like me so they’ll totally think it’s my sister. I might help that assumption along a little. She is after all, not around to defend herself!

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