My brother in law found this adorable penguin costume at Goodwill and we hoped that Lulu would be wearing it. No such luck. My mother in law tried to put her in it on Wednesday last week and Lulu threw the biggest fit ever! I knew she was okay, just angry, so I giggled at took photos. My mother in law is not super happy that I was laughing instead of helping her. Hey, I knew she didn’t want to be in there and she was just telling everyone else within a 2 mile radius. It’s too bad because it’s an adorable outfit.

Plan B was that my husband Jay would cut open a football and make openings for arms and legs and a head and put the baby in there and he would wear his Colts jersey. I don’t think he knows how big our baby is! She is NOT going to fit into a football. And we ran out of time to create our own.

So, on to plan C. Our good friend, Uncle Bob got Lulu a Wonder Woman onsie. It’s way to big but with layers we made it fit. The only problem we ran into all night was when people wondered what “this little guy was for Halloween?” or what “his costume” was supposed to be. Poor Lulu – she has all that curly hair and people still think she’s a boy…

That was the evolution of a Halloween costume for Saturday. Tonight, Lulu wore her fun carrot/pumpkin hat and played in her exersaucer as we tried to keep her warm for the night. Cutest pumpkin in the patch.

And this my friends was the sweetest Halloween costume EVER! I call dibs for next year!

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