I should have stayed in bed today. Or, I should have stayed in California!

I’m back in Corn Town now. I’ve had a pretty bad day at the Non Profit. Part of it comes from just trying to catch up on all the things I’ve missed the past week and a half and part of it comes from other things biting me in the butt. Those things are things I should have taken care of months ago but I gave the benefit of the doubt. I like to give people (more than enough) time to rise to the occasion and take care of things. However, this has rarely paid off. Today was no exception. Tomorrow and Saturday are my days off and I’m taking them! I have half a mind to not check my email until Sunday.

We were going to take the two brats (dogs) camping this weekend but a few things threw a wrench into that plan. I’ll elaborate more later because just the thought of complaining some more right now just hurts my tummy.

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