Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

Grand Canyon Backpacking Trip

While camping a few months ago, one of my oldest and best friends said, “Dude, (yes, she said “Dude”) we should all hike to the bottom on the Grand Canyon!”

Of course we all said, “Yeah! That would be awesome/fun/great/amazing/insert silly, outdated¬†adjective.”

I don’t know why we said that, we had no idea, no realm of comparison. Personally, I’ve¬†SEEN the Grand Canyon AND I’ve walked a bit down a trail. In fact, I think I stepped in GC donkey crap. Well, we said it and we’re doing it. Some people say they “attempt” it. We’re too deep in for it to be an attempt at this point.

My entire Christmas weekend was spent washing dishes from the family dinner we hosted and planning and shopping for this adventure.

This is my new backpack.

These are my new hiking boots.

This is our new food.

While this blog is meant to be an expose of sorts of suburban living, sometimes you just need to get out of the neighborhood for a while! Come hike with me in April! This is the beginning of my journey…of pain!

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