Glass Tea Pots and Special Occasions

Glass Tea Pots and Special Occasions

This afternoon, one of my friends, Corn Dog and I had a nice time drinking mint tea and passion tea from my glass tea pot. I think that everyone needs a glass tea pot. For some reason I become obsessed with owning one last year and I finally picked one up at an antique store at the Orange Circle in California. It’s not actually an antique but I love it. Until today I’ve never used it and I’m so happy I finally did!

It was so relaxing to just sit there at the kitchen table and catch up on life.

I’ve noticed a lot lately that I own some really nice things that I never get a chance to use! Do you find that in your own life too? What is something that you purchased and haven’t had a chance to use because it’s either too nice or you are too busy? Are you waiting for an occasion? Why not make TODAY the occasion?

Corn Dog also let me try out my new Smoky Eyes Tutorial on her. I’ll share more of that in my next post.

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