Getting Ready for the Grand Canyon

Getting Ready for the Grand Canyon

 In a month and a half, we are joining 3 of our closest friends on a hike. You may have heard me talk about it a bit. The five of us are hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and we are also hiking back out! After having “let myself” go over the past 5 or 6 years, I’m stepping up. It might be a little too much a little too late but I’m trying my hardest to get into shape for this hike. I don’t want to be the one holding anyone back!

Here is my plan:
Jay and I are NOT eating out for the next 30+ days (crossing off a task on my 101’s list). We’d like to make it for about 45 days but we’ll have to see!
I’ve been visiting the gym Tuesday-Friday and working out for 1 hour divided between the treadmill, elliptical and the bike. I’ve also thrown in a few weight machines each day. This week I’ll increase to 5 days (thus crossing off another task on my 101’s list). In two weeks, I’ll increase my time spent on the machines to 1 ½-2 hours total.
In March, I’d like to attend at least 1 hour long or more hike and complete it carrying my hiking backpack, loading it down with a little bit more gear each weekend.
I will not be consuming any alcohol for all of March and on into our hike.
I’m trying to eat healthier meals and make choices that are contributing to my success.
I’ve renewed my prescription for my heart medication and I’ll be taking it EVERY day (another crossed off my list!).
This plan has been well thought out and I cannot wait to see the results in April. So far I’ve lost almost 2 pounds. It doesn’t seem like much but I’m happy with it. I’d like to lose a total of 30 pounds in the next 3-4 months. Once I hit that benchmark, I’ll set another goal for the remaining 30 I have (ha, ha! Another crossed off if I can reach this). I do realize it took years to put it on but I’d like it to take a lot less time to take it off!
Does anyone else have any suggestions for me? 

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