Get Your Grill On…The Front Porch

Get Your Grill On…The Front Porch

Do you ever grill out in your front yard? Our back yard has a lot of bugs in it right now and it’s more work to bring the grill around from the garage through the grass and into the back yard. So, we just pull it out into the driveway and Jay grills out in front of the garage. A lot of people in our neighborhood do this but we take it one step further and all of our neighbors must think us strange for it; we set up a table and chairs and umbrella and hang out in the front yard.

We do it every 4th of July because of the fireworks but this summer we just kept doing it! I didn’t think anything of it except for when we had our family over to grill out a few weeks ago, my mother in law said, “Do you ever eat in your backyard anymore?”

Ever since then I’ve thought about it a lot but for some reason I just really like sitting in the front yard. It’s probably so I don’t miss a moment of what is going on in the neighborhood!


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