Garden Update – Week Two

Garden Update – Week Two


About 2 weeks ago I sat at the dining room table and planted my garden. Yes, that is what you do when you are on bed rest, garden from the inside. You see, I would have done that anyways though. I always (okay, for two years now) plant my garden inside in March to avoid the frosts the happen up until MOTHER’S DAY! This year however, it didn’t happen until halfway through April. I guess we have a few things going on that may or may not have caused that to be pushed off.

Also about 2 weeks ago, my raised garden boxes were filled to the brim with the finest soil that you could imagine. It’s mushroom compost with black topsoil and bark fines. Doesn’t that just sound glorious! Like something you would want to live in if you were a plant? I would! I’ve seen quite a few earthworms that feel that way.
Yesterday, my husband Jay put the grids up in the garden boxes. See, I ascribe to a form of pseudo-square foot gardening. My form is a hybrid of square foot gardening and “just throw and see what grows”.
Now, my seedlings are growing and hardening (we had to bring them in 3 nights ago because of a frost) and we have on garden box with seeds in the ground (yeah, I’m being risky here). Now we just wait and hope for some yumminess to come our way!

 What a difference a week makes!

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