Garden Update

Garden Update

┬áHere are some current photos of my garden. I’m seeing a lot more of my plants come up this week! I wasn’t sure that most of my seeds took but it appears that maybe some did and just took longer than others. A lot longer!

I see some flowers on my peas and my green beans are still going wild! I also finally see a sign of life on my squash/zucchini plants! A lot of these are pepper plants but a lot are also weeds, I just can’t completely tell the difference on the younger plants yet.

In garden box two, I have carrots and green onions finally showing up! My corn might actually be knee high by 4th of July! I had such little faith on these little guys.

Besides all of the tomatoes growing,garden box three has lettuce! Can you believe it? There are a quite a few weeds mixed in here so I’m hoping that I haven’t pulled much of the lettuce on accident! I’m certain that we will accidentally eat at least one weed in our salad this summer!

Here’s a beautiful garden I’ve been looking at this week!

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