Garden Box Summer

Garden Box Summer

My garden box experiment is going well! Even with crappy soil I’ve had a great summer of veggies. My cucumbers and zucchinis seem to be radioactive! They are so big! My green beans are done so I got some more in the ground about 2 weeks ago and they’re growing quickly. It’s about time for tomatoes and boy do I have plans for them! Next year I probably won’t grow lettuce; it takes so much water to rinse it and get all of the bugs and dirt off. We’ll see after the next batch – I’m going to try soaking it. I had to replant my pepper plants. Only about 3 plants survived after I purged that section of weeds…maybe I pulled up more pepper plants than weeds? Next month I expect some corn and carrots! I’m not sure whats going to happen to the broccoli.

I’m beginning to think ahead to next year and what I’ll plant then… I can’t wait! Why am I rushing to next summer already? I saw mums at the grocery store yesterday! MUMS!!! A sure sign of fall, which is a sure sign of winter!!
Dear Mums,
I think you are beautiful and I love having you in my garden but I hate what you represent!

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