There are many differences between living in the Midwest and living in Southern California. I will give in to the fact that perhaps times have changed but I noticed this from the moment that I set foot in the heartland; football is king and soccer is a backup option. Alaska has its Hockey Moms, So Cal has its Soccer Moms and the Midwest has Football Moms.

I will say that it is quite hilarious to see a bunch of 4 year old run around in full padding and see if they can keep their balance, let alone if they can perform any sort of function with a football. Maybe it’s because Southern California doesn’t really have a football team to root for and it seems that every state over here has a great team.

All I know is that growing up, my siblings and I participated in ballet, basketball, gymnastics, karate, rollerblading, cheerleading and softball. Other than these sports, my friends were in swimming and soccer. We attended various camps, trainings and expositions for these sports but until high school, I don’t remember hearing my classmates talk about football practice over the weekend or football camp over the summer.

Why is football such a BIG deal over here?

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