Fireworks Thieves!

Fireworks Thieves!

┬áIn our neighborhood, the 4th of July is kind of like the mid-point of fireworks celebrations. My neighbors start lighting off blazing rockets and buzzing balls of fire a week or two before the 4th and continue until at least a week or two after. Last year Dog Poop Kid, age 12ish, who would not leave us alone on the 4th! He lit off our fireworks, ate our food and would not stop bother us to light off more. The next morning he was back at our door asking for leftover fireworks. We gave him some sparklers and bottle rockets to get rid of him but he came back for more. While we were working in the yard we left our garage open and each time we came around he would be picking through the firework box looking for his favorites. Our warnings and threats fell up deaf ears so we’ve had to just keep our garage door closed always.

This year he had a new family on our street to stalk. They had fireworks going off in late June so they were better prey. Apparently word got around the neighborhood pretty quickly because around 2 o’clock in the morning, that neighbor came out to her garage for one last smoke break before bed. When she opened the door from the house, she realized she had left the large garage door open and there was someone in the garage. It wasn’t Dog Poop Kid but another 14 year old from down the street.

The kid grabbed a bunch of things and took off. She called the police and long story short, identified him and pressed charges. The parents of this kid thought he was spending the night at the neighbor’s house. He was spending the night at the neighbor’s house — just not only at the house that the parents thought.

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