Dr. Pepper Panhandlers

Dr. Pepper Panhandlers

 It is now official that the local public schools are back in session: the door to door fundraisers have begun! It’s a race to see who can collect the most money from all of neighbors. Newsflash: I’m not buying this year!

This weekend our doorbell rang and I hustled downstairs to see who had stopped by. A small back story: after cleaning the cooler out from our camping trip, I dropped a can of soda. I set it on the table on the front porch to settle so that it wouldn’t explode. I guess I forgot about it…

I opened the door and a boy about 11 years old was standing at the door with a milk carton with something printed on a home computer glued to the sides. His mom (I assume) stood behind him. She was probably in her mid twenties. The following conversation ensued:

Kat: Oh, hi.

Beggar Boy: Can my mom have this pop? (Dr. Pepper in hand)

K: Uhhhh…..

Mother: It was sittin’ out here on the table.

K: I know. I put it there.

M: Well, I’m hot and thirsty.

K: Uhhhh….

BB: Can she?

K: I guess…. Is that why you came here?

BB: Naw. I’m collecting money for poor people. Can I have some?

K: I’m sorry I don’t have any cash.

M: (sigh. rolls eyes)

K: Do you guys live in this neighborhood?

BB: Naw. We’re visitin’. How ’bout some change?

K: I really don’t have any.

BB: Then why do you have two cars?

K: (Jaw drops, laugh in disbelief) Because we work very, very hard! Enjoy the Dr. Pepper! (Slam door – peek thought mini-blinds, STILL shocked!)

What in the world?!! I’m just glad I had the soda out there! If it wasn’t, she might have asked for the table or chairs!

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