Dishwasher Dirt

Dishwasher Dirt


A dishwasher has a purpose. It’s purpose is to clean dishes. Other than the occasional bottle of dishwasher cleaner, one might not think about the maintenance required to keep a dishwasher clean. When we bought this house (brand new), the kitchen and laundry appliances were “thrown in”. I can personally tell you that they have cost us far more than just buying our own appliances in the beginning. Since we’re discussing the dishwasher, I’ll tell you that this bottom of the line GE dishwasher sucks. We call it our dish sanitizer because it certainly doesn’t wash anything.

At least once a year I scrape the walls and the dish racks clear of the calcium and/or lime deposits that are a result of our extremely hard water. This is always a pain and hardly alleviates the standing water in the bottom of the machine. In the past year it has started leaking during loads. First it was just a few teaspoons of water trickling out and last time it was about a cup or more of water. “Lucky” for us, we don’t have a kitchen floor right now as a result of our air conditioning flood so now we can fix it or replace it without ruining our existing floor. In fact, I can just run it and it won’t matter because there is no flooring to ruin. Yay!
After the sticker shock we experienced while looking at dishwashers online and in-store, my husband decided to fix it himself. We argued a bit because remember, this thing doesn’t even wash dishes! Even when it was brand new it didn’t. He still went for it. He’s taken it apart piece by piece and here is what he found:
Gross, right? You might want to look under those traps and baskets in your dishwasher too! Who knew! I’m pretty sure that some of these things are growing… So much for sanitizing right? That darn water swisher has been useless this whole time! 


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