Daylight Play Time & Eyeglass Suprise

Daylight Play Time & Eyeglass Suprise

I love Daylight Saving Time. Chances are that if you are reading this, you are one of the American’s who also loves DST because according to the Department of Transportation Poll, American’s LOVE their Daylight Saving Time.

With all that I hear about it while living in Indiana, I thought that the poll would go the other way but apparently, only Indianaians are grumpy about increased sunshine time, fewer traffic accidents and increased voter turnout ( It was during my stay here that law brought DST back to Indiana, one of two states holding out against DST. Growing up in Southern California, I loved DST and time change for two reasons.

Number one was that we were expected to be inside just before dark and let me tell you that DST brought at least a million more minutes of play time; bike riding, tag, playing house, swimming and just all around good times.

Number two was that there was a really, really, really good chance that mom and dad would forget to change the clocks and we would get to miss church because when we arrived, church was over! This also equaled more play time and less sit still time (I am aware that the hour or two of missed church did not really equal play time because in all reality we lost that hour in our sleep but the ratio of awake time to play time was totally in my favor on that day. So, mathematically this does make sense).

I cannot go a week in this new state that I call home without hearing someone grumbling about the merits of changing time. It’s an all out battle where even the finest people bring out newspaper reports of DST actually meaning higher energy usage and blah, blah, blah. In my mind, if DST does indeed save energy that’s just an added benefit. For me, it’s still all about playtime!

It’s about knowing that when I get off of work there will still be several hours of daylight to sit outside and drink tea in the warm shade. It’s about knowing that if I want to, I can work in my garden, walk the dog, ride my bike or gossip with my neighbors and it’s going to be light outside. It’s about getting my daily dose of vitamins from the sun, you know, the vitamins that I’ve been deprived of during the stupid, long, cold winters that keep people inside? Maybe people in Indiana just hate the sun…

Let me explain to you about this photo. Yesterday, KC, Corndog and I

were driving around town trying to find the perfect interview ensemble and KC noticed this. The front of the building and signage at Eyeglass World had fallen off of the front of the building and dragged the roof with it. It all came crashing down on this poor little white car. Since nobody was hurt I get to tell you that it was awesome looking and laughable! Yes, I did get out because after all, I am MEDIA! I have a blog!
This led to many puns and jokes in our car, KC is brilliant. My favorite was, “I bet they didn’t see that coming”. We’re still trying to figure out the best one for the roof retina (retaining) water. Also, it took place while most children were in school so there were no pupils harmed.

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