Cat Ladies & Dog People

Cat Ladies & Dog People

Do you know what would absolutely just make my LIFE? If someone were to come across my blog because they googled “Caty Lady” or “Crazy Cat Lady”. Yes, that would make my life complete.

I must, must become the resident expert on cat ladies without becoming one myself. How do I do this? Perhaps I need to move in with a Cat Lady for a while. Nah. Can’t do that, I have allergies. Maybe I need to become friends with a Cat Lady. Our neighborhood Cat Lady is seriously NOT AN OPTION. She’s crazy!

We added a new puppy to our family this week. Her name is Jolly Rancher but we call her Jolly. She joins the ranks of four year old Pixy (Pixy Stix) and the dearly departed Reese (Reese’s Pieces). Don’t worry, we may be dog people but we’re not all weird about it like Cat Ladies are weird about cats. I mean, we do personify our dogs and put captions under photos pretending that we can read their thoughts but we’re not crazy or anything.

It’s just not like that.


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