It’s Tuesday at 6:30 and the car is finally packed. We wanted to leave the house at 2 or 3pm but obviously that didn’t happen. We’re on our way to Blogher. It’s my second year at the conference that throws me into the petting zoo of female bloggers. Maybe it’s not really the petting zoo I described it as last year. It’s more like a regular zoo, or a circus. After all, I may not have the opportunity to pet my fellow bloggers.

As much as I’m disappointed that we didn’t leave at the planned early afternoon time, I can’t be too upset; we are leaving a day sooner than we planned. After a particularly rough time on the job front the past few days, I decided that my vacation needed to start a little early.
This year I am absolutely thrilled that I get to bring my husband, Jay and my little baby Lulu. It’s a good thing we’re driving the 12 hours and not flying. We would need a small jet all to ourselves for the arsenal of baby stuff we’ve loaded into our tiny mini-SUV. Oh yes, it’s all baby stuff. AND a suitcase dedicated solely to shoes, my shoes. Another one for my clothes, another for my husband’s clothes another for toiletries, another for the baby clothes. Then there’s the electronics collection we’re taking and the stroller, baby bed and so much more.
I’m not even worried about posting on my Facebook status, tweeting, blogging or anything else about the fact that we have left the state. ALL of our valuables are with us. In this tiny car.
It’s not until after a stop at the bank, a stop at JC Penney and a stop and Qdoba that we’re finally on the road. BLOGHER, here we come! New York City, here we come!

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