Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day

Today is Blog Action Day. It is a day where bloggers unite and write about what they are personally doing to make the environment better.

J and I use low energy and long lasting bulbs in MOST of our light fixtures. In some spaces this has not been possible because they cause one or both of us headaches.

I’ve also been taking paper to work for recycling. Often I take metal to the recycle place as well, okay, I’ve done it once and I have a car load ready to go now.

We also don’t use plastic trash bags to line our outside garbage bins, this really pisses the neighbors off because then trash is sometimes blown from the truck. I don’t worry too much because I pick it up and I got the idea from some of them because THEIR trash frequently ends up in MY yard for the same reason.

I tried some environmentally friendly glass cleaner and it didn’t work. I pledge to try a few other cleansers but honestly, if they don’t work well, I can’t see myself switching.

Also, we have an energy saving device on the back of our dryer AND we have a vegetarian, eco-friendly roommate. Does that count? :)

So, we have a long way to go but one step at a time, we’re getting better. I know so many of you are doing so much more, please tell me.

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