Best Movie

Best Movie

I am convinced that Kathy Bates is THE best actress in the world. A College Student from my old church went with me to view some films that were a part of the local film festival. Last night, College Student and I watched one called Bonneville. It was about three best friends who go on an accidental road trip. There were sad moments but the humorous characters made this the best darn movie that I have seen all year! 

These women were so real and so amazing. I made that trip right along with them, but my watch said that I made it from Podunk, Idaho to Santa Barbara, California in under two hours. Oh my gosh, I loved this movie! Please, please, please try to get an opportunity to see this movie. At the end, I was so glad that College Student and I went because in the last few years we have become real life, true, blue friends. That said, I was really wishing that I could have had the entire theatre full of all of my closest girlfriends.

Was this movie life changing, eh, it didn’t push me towards change or action except for giving me a deeper appreciation of all of the women in my life. Also, I hope to God that when I get older he would allow me to be as beautiful as Joan Allen or Jessica Lange. Heck, I wish I could be as gorgeous as them NOW!

Speaking of looking gorgeous and being a STAR! We have a wonderful guest on our radio show on November 4th. I will announce here on Saturday who it is! Stay tuned!

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