Bad Things

Bad Things


Bad things happen to me. A lot. This isn’t to say that good things don’t happen to me. It’s just that bad things happen to me pretty often.

1. Furnace leaks gallons of water under our BRAND NEW kitchen flooring for a year before we notice.
2. Furnace needs to be fixed and insulated because it was never done to begin with ($$).
3. New wall and ceiling needed in part of the garage due to “water damage” ($$$).
4. Flooring needs to removed from the kitchen (check, oh, and that one’s on the house courtesy of my husband).
5. Flooring needs to be replaced ($$$$$$).
6. Dishwasher begins leaking a cup or more of water during each load. Dishwasher is not worth fixing and needs to be replaced ($$).
7. The oven stops working while all the rest of the house is in chaos from the other six messes mentioned in the post. New oven ($$$).
8. The brakes on my car are gone. At least they are the cheapest thing to fix on this list. I never thought I would say that getting new brakes is cheap ($)!
9. I need two new tires within the next 2 weeks. They are legally bald and the wear bar has shown through. YAY! ($$)
Someday I think I’ll be able to list all of the great things in my life but what fun would that be? Someday I will though. I promise. 

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