Baby Presents!!!

Baby Presents!!!

Baby LuLu got a present today!
Leslie, my neighbor from back home sent her an adorable little hat! Isn’t it soooo cute! And it just so happens to be in LuLu’s colors too: pink and green! Yes, we’ve already decided that LuLu will HAVE to like pink and green.
Leslie’s boys were the first kids that I ever babysat for. Now, her babies are in college! Isn’t that weird?!? It’s so strange for me because I remember when they were born!
They moved to Washington a long time ago but I remember they had the most beautiful backyard and I loved their house too. Leslie used to have some hand dipped taper candles hanging from her wall. I had never seen candles sold that way. One day I found some, I bought them and to this day they still hang behind the door in my bedroom at my parent’s house.

Candles Image from Gift Shop Mag 

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