Baby Gender Predictor #5 – Sweet or Sour?

Baby Gender Predictor #5 – Sweet or Sour?

“It is said that the particular food cravings you have are caused by the gender of your baby. So, craving chocolate or other sweets during pregnancy would mean that you are going to have a boy, whereas if you crave sour things like lemons your will have a boy.” (

Everyone knows that girls are sweet so this makes sense! Reminds me of the rhyme that girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. I LOVE lemons but I always have. When I’ve wanted candy it’s only been sour candies. But again, this has always been the case for me; I’ve never been a huge fan of sweets except for soda pop. Then again, I’ve loved eating a lot of fruit lately but fruit is pretty tart.

If the sweet or sour Old Wives Tale is right on, Baby Raspberry is a BOY!

Results Scorecard

Boy – 3           Girl – 2          

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