Apple Orchard Fun!

Apple Orchard Fun!

Two weeks ago my husband Jay and I had a fabulous typical fall weekend. We woke up kinda late on Saturday, jumped in the car and drove south to an apple orchard. It was a new one for us. We’ve been before but it was our first visit to Appleworks. On my agenda: pick apples, get some apple butter for my sister in England, grab some pumpkins, decorate the house and then off to another fall event.

We were surprised when we arrived at Appleworks that you are not allowed to pick the apples. They are already picked for you. I guess this was okay since even the parking lot was super muddy from the storms the day before. We walked around the grounds and saw the Goat Tree house (not even kidding), some turkeys and a pumpkin house. When we were done, we stopped by the store and had an apple sampling. We were able to taste about 12 of the 60+ varieties that they grow in that very orchard!
Jay and I decided on some Jonagolds and some other redish apple. We had no idea there were so many kids of apples! Jay even told the lady, “I thought there were just 2 or 3 kinds; red and green”. She didn’t laugh so much but I thought he was hilarious. I guess that’s why were married, not only was I the first girl to say yes but I actually laugh at some of his jokes.
Thankfully I didn’t go all out and buy pecks and pecks of apples as I had planned. I wanted to make some sauce and butter and pies and crisps. I’ve not been feeling well so there is no way that any of this would have gotten done by now! We just bought a ¼ of a peck of two kinds which equaled a total of 8 apples. This is a fun thing to do and despite it being just the two of us, we had a blast!

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