An Open Letter to The Swine Flu

An Open Letter to The Swine Flu

Dear Swine Flu,

I feel left out! One out of every two of my friends has received a nice warm, cuddly appearance from you. This has been their excuse for bailing on our plans, for getting out of work, for staying all snuggled up on the couch watching Bravo all day. WHERE’S MY PRESENT! I’m pretty sure they are running a marathon of the Real Housewives this week and on MTV I sooooo need to catch up on The City and The Hills. Also, Desperate Housewives is at the top of my list too.
This would also help me in the blogosphere. Perhaps I’d have something exciting to blog about other than the half a chicken salad sandwich that I just puked up into the trash at work because there was a piece of fatty, chewy chicken in it. I could have an excuse for NOT writing other than the fact that I’m feeling unmotivated and exhausted from three weeks of stress and confrontation and hard decisions.
Throw a girl a bone, please. Help me!

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