Almost Enough

Almost Enough

 It is nice having almost enough. For the first time in 3 or 4 years I am writing checks out of my check book and knowing that there should be no problems getting them mailed on time. I don’t have to “rob Peter to pay Paul” as my mom is likely to say every time I mention that I have to make this or that payment late in order to make sure this or that stays on or doesn’t get taken away :) .

Although this “part time” (if you call 30-40 hours part time) retail job might kill me, I know for a fact that it will either come to a halt or slow waaaaaaaaaay down in about 3 weeks. For that I am thankful and frightened. I’ve gotten used to buying a new blouse or sweater (just the essentials) on Sundays and paying my bills ahead of time (not sending the payment overnight or frantically waking up to pay online at 11:56pm because I just remembered that it’s due TODAY). I’m thankful because 4-6 hours of sleep doesn’t due a person justice. If I was vying for a million dollars on Survivor, I might be able to justify the madness but sadly I am just spinning on the non-stop hamster wheel of life and just getting by…without the trim body to show for it.

Christmas Day will be a day off and a day of family (his) and a day without family (mine). After that, it’s anyone’s guess.

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